About Us

Quality and Innovation

We are in a field where continuous research and development (R&D) is necessary to ensure that our products remain ahead of those of our competitors: top quality is our goal. We invest a large revenue percentage in R&D to pursue the latest technological innovations and to maintain our status as a leading provider of air conditioning solutions in the UK.

Every component is fully tested before, during and after its application on our units. We perform a full load test on each chiller at our factory to ensure we maintain the highest possible standards.

All of our employees from managers, engineers and technicians to sales and office staff are appropriately trained, to ensure that they understand our products and core values and deliver exceptional customer service.

Our quality and assurance systems include:

  • ISO 9001:2015 – an international reference for quality management certification. Conformity of products and services to ISO 9001:2015 provides assurance about their quality and reliability.
  • EUROVENT – certifies that equipment performs as intended. Annual tests are carried out in an independent laboratory on randomly chosen production units. This certification is granted only if the performance matches the submitted data.
  • CE – conformity guarantees that systems comply to safety requirements according to European standards.
  • ISO 14001:2004 – an international reference for environmental management certification. Conformity with this standard provides assurance about the companies commitment to the environment.

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