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D-AHU Modular

Air flow: 500 to 25,000m3/h

With their Plug & Play design and inherent flexibility, Daikin Applied's Air Handling Units can be configured and combined to meet the exact requirements of any building, no matter what it is used for or who is to work there.

Our systems are designed to be the most environmentally friendly and the most energy efficient. This means they have a reduced ecological impact, while, at the same time, keeping costs down by minimising energy consumption. When combined with the small physical footprint of the system, these features make our air handling units ideal for all markets.

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D-AHU Modular


  • Compact ventilation unit with heat recovery
  • Pre-defined sizes suitable for indoor or outdoor applications for temperature range -25°C (-40°C with electric heaters) to +43°C
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV) and Constant Air Volume (CAV) system capability with rotary heat exchanger ensuring up to 85% temperature and up to 60% humidity efficiency.
  • Plug & Play controls for user-friendly management of supply, return or ambient temperature and optimised CO2 air quality control.
  • Easy commissioning with nominal air flow programmed at factory – Constant Air Flow (CAV) or Pressure control (VAV), economy mode, night time operation and time scheduling
  • EC fan technology for greater operating efficiency and silent operation with premium IE4 rated efficiency motors and Noise Reduction Laminar Straightener (NRLS) accessory.
  • Integrated control system for seamless connection between VRV, applied systems, air handling units and BMS systems.
  • Eurovent certified.

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