Daikin has supplied HVAC technology for a private hospital in Limassol town, in Cyprus.

The goal was providing the right solutions for a total renovation of the main hospital building and for the new areas which were being built. The renovation process, of course, also involved the HVAC system, which had to be refurbished.


2x EWYT-B R-32 Air-to-water Heat Pump |

2x EWAT-B R-32 Air-Cooled Chiller

Daikin Air Handling Units


The hospital needed technology which could provide the building with both cooling and heating – specifically in patients rooms and communal areas – but also with adequate indoor air quality.

Units reliability, then, was very important. When it comes to healthcare facilities, equipment’s reliability is fundamental, as they are part of a system ensuring temperature control for labs, but also surgery rooms.


For this project, the R-32 heat pump EWYT-B range was chosen, for its ability to provide great energy efficiency performance – the best in the market – despite the cooling/heating capacity it can deliver.

For operation theatres instead, the R-32 chiller EWAT-B range was chosen. This range was chosen, not only for the great energy efficiency performance, but also for the great reliability it can ensure.

The two EWAT-B chillers were chosen exactly for this purpose – providing cooling to surgery rooms, where a reliable solution for temperature control is absolutely needed.

As far as Indoor Air Quality, Air treatment for Operation Theatres will be ensured via Hygienic Air Handling Units. While Air Treatment for communal areas and individual doctors’ offices will be ensured by Daikin’s VAM Units.