Daikin supplied two air cooled screw inverter chiller units from the TZ Series to meet the cooling needs of an expanding brewery facility in the Republic of Guinea-Bissau, in West Africa.

The chillers have been installed so the HVAC system could meet the increasing cooling needs of the facility, which is gradually increasing production.



Total cooling capacity: 650 kW


For this project, the end user needed chillers that could fully meet the process cooling needs of the facility, which, as already mentioned is expanding and needs extra cooling capacity.

One of the main requirements for this project was absolute reliability, as system breakdowns not only generate costs, but also have an impact on the quality of the brewing process and then, on the final product.

Finally, energy efficiency was the other important aspect, as keeping operative costs reasonably low is very important for any businesses.

Part load efficiency, is another very relevant aspect in this project. In fact, despite food process applications usually require constant cooling loads during the year, that does not mean the chillers will operate in the same conditions throughout the whole year.


So, the combination of proven reliability and outstanding energy efficiency performance is what was really needed in this project. That was ensured by the TZ Series by Daikin, with two air-cooled chiller units featuring the Daikin in-house designed and manufactured screw inverter compressor.

The screw inverter compressor by Daikin has been successfully used in so many different projects over the last 20 years that has made Daikin an absolute leader in the screw compressor field.

Thanks to the inverter technology, the two TZ chillers installed will be able to provide the needed cooling capacity and the highest energy efficiency levels at all times, all year round, despite ambient conditions might vary.

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