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Animal Health Trust

Animal Health Trust: A large independent veterinary charity offering clinical referral services and diagnostic therapies.

Location: Newmarket, England

Application: Animal Health and Treatment Centre

Feature of the building: The site offers 140 acres of land including Lanwades Hall and other buildings and typically treats 3,000 animals while the Equine Clinic treats close to 1,000 horses in a year. Animal Health Trust was awarded its Royal Charter in 1963.

Maintenance Servicing: Fully Inclusive Planned Preventative Maintenance Contract.


In 2000, Daikin Applied Service (formally known as McQuay Service) commissioned a McQuay ALS 103.2 XN Air Cooled Screw Chiller, which was installed to maintain critical cooling to a climate controlled building in the Equine Veterinary Clinic.

The Animal Trust has to meet strict legal standards on air quality set by the UK Government, therefore it is very important to the trust that the conditions laid out by legislation are maintained to keep them compliant with the law as well continuing the good work of the charity.

The Challenge

A Chiller system is a huge investment for any organisation, not just in capital cost but also in running costs. This is even more so when the organisation has a charity status. Therefore it was crucial for the Trust to have an appropriate Planned and Preventive Maintenance (PPM) regime that maximised the life of the equipment, increased efficiency and gave certainty of costs to allow the charity to closely control their budget.

McQuay ALS 103.2-XN-407 Screw Compressor chiller maintained by Daikin Applied Service


The chiller has been operating efficiently without experiencing any major failure in the past 17 years and has exceeded its typical life expectancy of 15 years for an Air Cooled Chiller. This is a testament of how implementing a tailored PPM very early on can maximise a chillers life-cycle without major failures and downtime - this can be said about any HVAC equipment.

The fully inclusive maintenance program has surpassed many of its objectives including:

  • Maximising chiller efficiency
  • Minimising downtown and disruption to the organisations operation
  • Maximising availability and uptime of the equipment
  • Control budget expenditure to allow better long term planning and commitments
  • Eliminate unforeseen costs due to breakdown

“McQuay/ Daikin Applied Service have provided 17 years of excellent service supporting the chilled water package which provides critical cooling to our environmentally controlled building. Without this support we would have been unable to ensure the success of various studies in the past years.

There is more to good service than regular maintenance visits. Even a well maintained plant can break down and the ability to deal with this and other issue’s that arise are a key factor. Emailing or calling for service has always been a pleasant and successful process. Engineers attending site are professional and courteous. From my experience, I would have no hesitation in recommending them for your cooling solutions”

Rob Aldred - Senior Electrical Engineer, - Animal Health Trust

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