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New Papworth Hospital

Cutting-edge technology and unprecedented sustainability are underpinning one of the UK’s biggest health sector construction projects.

Location: Cambridge, England

Application: Hospital Feature of the building Built on the Cambridge Biomedical Campus, part of the international centre of excellence in biomedical research.

Construction: by Skanska, worth approximately £165m

System solutions: Air Handling Unit and Water Cooled Chillers

Year of installation 2017 

The Challenge

Daikin Applied UK successfully bid to work with Skanska on the design and build of 60 Air Handling Units (AHU) plus 3off water cooled chillers totalling 1MW of cooling for one of the biggest health sector construction projects in the UK. The contract included design, build, on-site installation, and commissioning and maintenance responsibilities.


For the 60off design and build AHU’s each unit were designed to provide a tailor made solution for optimising air conditions throughout multiple spaces. Daikin Applied’s unique modular design has given the project complete design flexibility with no limitations in providing a customised solution that suits the building and plant space limitations, with both internal and external weather proof units provided. For the 1MW of cooling Daikin Applied Engineers worked with Skanska design team changing the original design of air cooled installation to a lower cost, higher efficiency water cooled solution.


Savings Summary

The early selection of Daikin Applied as the equipment supplier allowed the professional team to develop the system solutions to optimise the available space. Spatial restrictions are always an issue for AHU’s particularly on hospitals where the strict HTM requirements need to be maintained. Daikin Applied worked directly with Skanska’s appointed designers reviewing duties, plant room layouts and configurations to ensure the design produced a compliant and workable solution. Compliance with new efficiency standards (EN 1235/14) for both heat recovery and overall AHU power were challenges achieved with Daikin Applied’s application design software, providing solutions at the best possible cost profile. A key development proposed by Daikin Applied and approved by Skanska design team was the selection and use of the latest high efficiency EC fan and motor solution which currently provides the best overall drive efficiency in the market.

These fan arrangements used single fans, twin fans and multiple fan arrays which allow for increased resilience and rapid service. The units also had particular requirements that meant a number of units had longer top sections than the bottom sections, due to the components fitted. This meant they had to be supported from underneath. Cost was a key factor considered when discussing how the top sections would be supported. Mark Parker Daikin Applied Projects Supervisor designed a supporting structure with the use of an empty AHU box section to support the top level; this box section would also allow the ducting to pass through.

This concept was accepted by the site design team and implemented on roof level units and some internal units located on level 2. By using the open framework design we managed to support the top sections, avoiding lengthy on-site steelwork installation and additional AHU panels being made. The solution also allowed for easy duct work installation directly to the unit through the open sections. Overall saving the project both time and money.


60 AHU Professional range units (various air volumes, HTM compliant) 42 Internal and 18 External Weather-proof Units. 3off EWWQ 430 L SS (360kW) Water Cooled Chiller.

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