Cooling capacity: 170kW to 710kW

The EWAD-TZ chiller covers a range of capacities from 170kW to 710kW – a capacity range three times as wide as the units it replaces. On top of this, the full load efficiency (EER) average of 3.4 is 35% better than a traditional screw chiller and the seasonal efficiency (ESEER) of up to 6.0 is 26% higher than a traditional screw chiller. Plus the unit is 30% smaller in footprint.


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  • High energy efficiency both at full and part load conditions
  • One or two truly independent refrigerant circuits for outstanding reliability
  • Advanced compressor technology featuring integrated inverter and variable volume ratio (VVR)
  • Low operating sound levels are achieved by the latest compressor and fan design
  • Compact design for small footprint and minimized installation space

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