Heating and cooling from 400kW up to 1415kW.

Daikin Applied are excited to announce the launch of the high efficiency 4-pipe Multifunctional chiller using Daikin Inverter Screw compressor with VVR Technology. The EWYD-4Z unit delivers simultaneous heating and cooling from 400kW up to 1415kW. 

For independent and simultaneous cooling and heating all year round.

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  • Daikin Applied designed single screw compressor with integrated inverter refrigerant cooled and variable volume ratio technology. R134a refrigerant
  • Inverter controlled condenser fans as standard
  • Two independent refrigerant circuits
  • Wide capacity range: from 400 kW up to 1415 kW (highest capacity unit on the market)
  • Efficiency in heat recovery mode: up to 8.8 (highest level in the market)
  • Efficiency in cooling only mode: up to 3.4 (highest level in the market)
  • Efficiency in heating only mode: up to 3.8 (highest level in the market)
  • Compressor boost capability providing up to 15% extra capacity to satisfy peak loads
  • Three sound configurations: standard, low, reduced
  • Compact footprint (highest kW/m2 in the market)
  • Wide operating range: hot water production up to 61°C (highest value in the market) and chilled water/brine production down to ‐10°C (for process applications)
  • Wide range of options, including rapid‐restart for fast load recovery after power failure
  • Advanced control functionalities, including Master/Slave (standard), compatibility with Daikin on Site and Intelligent Chiller Manager.

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