Fully HTM 03-01 Compliant Air Handling Units

Our fully HTM compliant Professional and Modular air handling units give you ultimate flexibility. They can be configured and combined to meet the exact specification to your healthcare premises requirements.


D-AHU Professional

  • HTM 03-01 compliant
  • Air flow up to 39.5 m3/s
  • Plug and play design
  • Unlimited flexibility in size (Professional range)
  • Anodised frame (Class up to C5M corrosion & D1 deflection)
  • High efficiency EC motors as standard
  • Thermal Bridge frame (T2 and TB2)
  • AHU casing with leakage rate L1

Filtration – indoor air quality

We offer a wide range of high efficiency bag, panel, carbon and HEPA grade filters that meet the latest ISO 16890:2016 and ISO 10121-2:2013 standards. All of our air filters are supplied by our sister company AAF. We aim to use air filters that have up to 99.9% removal efficiency of PM1 to prevent microbiological contamination and eliminate infectious airborne contaminants.


Public awareness

To protect health, the latest ISO 16890 standard will allow for selection of PM1 rated filters. Therefore PM2.5 and PM10 rated filters are advised to be used as pre-filters and for less demanding applications.


N+1 system redundancy backup

Our standard duty standby EC motor arrangement offers the N+1 system redundancy and includes features such as divider panels and backdraft dampers to enable easy access and maintenance whilst maintaining continuous operation.


High efficiency

Our AHU’s consist of low pressure drop mechanical components and low consumption electrical components, to ensure the high efficiency of our units and low operation cost of your plant.

High quality and durable materials used in the construction of our units ensure endurance and longevity during the lifespan. This ensures that our units satisfy low thermal transmittance (T2), low thermal bridging effect (TB2) and the lowest deflection rates (D1).

We also ensure maximum recyclability and limited landfill waste in the production and lifecycle of our products.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and equipment ensure the premium quality of our products, achieving the lowest leakage rate (L1).


We offer a range of attenuators (splitter units) and acoustic-weather louvres manufactured from a range of materials to your specific noise level requirements with no limitations on size and material. We also offer an on-site noise survey prior to design, as well as factory noise acceptance tests prior to delivery.



Daikin Applied offer a comprehensive 12 month warranty on all AHU’s and chillers as standard. This will be extended by a further 12 months warranty on parts when you take out a service and maintenance package with Daikin Applied Service (chillers only). In addition to this we also offer a range of extended warranty packages tailored to your requirements.









To discuss your heating, cooling and sanitary hot water needs within your healthcare facility, with a qualified member of staff, please contact us on 0345 565 2700.