Key HTM 03-01 Compliant Features of the D-AHU range

What are the key features that make our our Professional and Modular air handling units fully HTM compliant?
EC Fans

2 x 100% market leading EC fans as standard for N+1 system redundancy backup. A blanking plate can be fitted to allow for continuous operation in the event that an individual fan should fail.


Our packaged controls include the internal wiring of the AHU complying with BS7671. All wiring is installed in cable containment system to provide effective protection and allows inspection and cleaning.


All filter categories securely mounted in fully sealed frame with additional vertical supports to seal filter joints and pressure drop monitoring system directly linked to the BMS. Easy access via withdrawal slip and hinged access door.

UV system

Ultra violet (UV) system to control microbiological growth, available as optional extra to be installed across heating, cooling and heat recovery systems (available on the professional range only).

Frame and panel construction

Fully anodised and internally rounded aluminium frame joined with bolted composite corner blocks for improved sealing effect, in line with HTM 03-01, VDI 6022 and DIN 1946-4 standards.
All components and Inner skins feature ultra-smooth surface finish to prevent water and dust ingress for efficient cleaning, and within wet sections are manufactured from stainless steel.

Drainage trays

All drain trays are manufactured from stainless steel with a glass trap as standard, are easily accessible from both sides, and feature 4 way 1:20 sloping to prevent water pooling. (Plastic drain trays and trace heated pan and trap optional).

Attenuator units

Attenuator units with sound absorbing properties and suitable infills for air being handled, protected by membranes to stop fibrous particles entering the air stream.

Coil features

Fog / frost heating coils constructed of plain tubing without fins, which are accessible from both sides for cleaning and maintenance. Installed as standard to protect downstream filters from low temperature and high humidity.
Stainless steel cooling / heating coil supplied with 2.5mm fin spacing and eliminator as standard, with cleaning access from both sides. All components made from stainless steel. Stainless steel drain pan optional.

Heat recovery

We offer a range of high efficiency heat recovery systems in line with EU regulation No 1253/2018. All our heat recoveries are available in stainless steel and protected on the extract stream by ISO course µ60% filtration, with drainage system.

Colour coding and labels

Casing available in a variety of colours at no additional cost. Permanent identification label for air flow and test points.

Access doors

Access to all elements that require routine servicing via secure and lockable 500mm wide hinged doors with access from both sides with two stage opening sequence and viewing porthole with internal illumination.

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