Coronavirus (COVOID-19) Customer Update

The spread of Covid-19, commonly known as the coronavirus, continues to pick up pace globally and is increasingly a key priority and in view of the growing concern we would like to reassure our customers that Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd & Daikin Applied Service have adopted a risk-minimisation approach to ensure minimum disruption to business. Unfortunately the onset of the Coronavirus has caused many industry implications, this is a brief update on our supply chain, operations and the measures undertaken to ensure the continuation of our business and support to our customers.

We have issued our employees with information to take precautionary measures as advised by GOV.UK and NHS and will monitor any changes and advise accordingly.


As a business we have implemented further precautions:

  • Business trips to and from Category 1 countries and regions are prohibited until further notice. Travel to other countries should be avoided unless deemed essential and approval given by Senior Management.
  • Meetings where possible to be conducted via video conferencing, Skype, GoTo Meetings etc.
  • Communal areas are being given extra cleaning, e.g. rest rooms, canteens, door handles etc.
  • Staff are being asked to self-isolate in accordance with government guidelines if they have been in direct contact with someone with the virus or travelled to a category 1 country (see below) within the last 14 days.
  • We are considering the introduction of temporary smart working arrangements to allow more flexibility and to help reduce risk.
  • Everyone should practise good hygiene to protect against infections.


AHU & Chiller Orders

Currently our factories both in the UK and Italy are working at normal capacity and we are taking steps to ensure this continues. However it is possible that the current situation will affect our business in the coming weeks and we will keep all customers updated if the situation changes.
At present, we have not seen any reduction in the level of service we get from our suppliers with this under constant review and our procurement department is in regular contact with the factories and suppliers, checking lead times and supply issues.


Daikin Applied Service

  • Remote workers such as our engineering teams have mobile phones and all have access to office servers via their tablets and laptops.
  • As our in-field engineers are generally lone workers, we would consider that their contact with the office and other engineers will be limited and, we will continue to monitor the situation.


Daikin On Site

Clients with chillers capable of supporting our Daikin On Site remote monitoring, and with maintenance contracts already set up to utilise this, will continue to be monitored regularly. To reduce site attendance however, should faults occur where generally a call out may be required, then these faults will be reset (where possible) via the DoS system and monitored accordingly by one of our remote monitoring team. The frequency of virtual visits may increase (and actual visits decrease) should a reduced workforce through self-isolation occur.



As well as our own locally stored spares we source of spares from our factories across Europe, we purchase spare parts and materials across a range of suppliers who will in turn, purchase materials from across the globe.
We continue to monitor the health and wellbeing of our workforce along with our supply chain. We remain, as always, committed to our customers with our teams ready to assist on order-specific questions, and we will continue to do our upmost to serve you our customers. We will keep you informed on this matter with ongoing updates as appropriate.