Daikin Applied BIM Ready!

Daikin Applied UK have been working towards developing Building Information Modelling (BIM) for our bespoke Air Handling Units and we are excited to announce the availability of the AHU BIM objects on the National BIM library. Available for consultants and contractors to access and download, these generic designs can be manipulated to suit all projects.

Building schematics are an essential part of the building process, from initial concept through to project handover; design changes are inevitable from the architects design reviews to further changes as the building services become more defined over time. With this in mind quick access to BIM objects is beneficial to assist with on-going revisions.

BIM objects help to:

  • Speed up drawing production
  • Enable generation of equipment list.
  • Make project plant sizing and spatial layout quicker and easier, also highlighting potential clashes or logistic issues.

The National BIM Library is the fastest growing library in the UK, allowing access to a comprehensive collection of BIM objects ranging from building fabric systems to mechanical and electrical objects. Daikin Applied UK are proud to be a part of the future of building design, suppling our AHU BIM objects for incorporation into early stage building design with free and easy access.

Daikin Applied have launched five AHU designs including:

  1. AHU – Modular with Thermal Wheel
  2. AHU Professional – Double Deck Unit
  3. AHU Professional – Side-by-Side Unit
  4. AHU Professional – Single Deck
  5. AHU Professional – Hospital Specification Unit

These five product types incorporating 18 BIM objects form the basis of design with both fixed and parametric BIM models. The AHU modular unit has fourteen fixed sizes that are all available in the library along with the four professional AHU models which are parametric objects, and can easily be manipulated to exact dimensions of the unit to be supplied. With these base models, virtually all application requirements can be met for the BIM object to be incorporated into the building design model. This allows potentially complex, bespoke manufactured units to be scaled down and dropped into drawings with ease and speed.

In addition to the AHU BIM object release, Daikin Applied chiller object drawings are also available across all chillers ranges upon request. All Daikin Applied AHU BIM objects are available on the National BIM Library website www.nationalbimlibrary.com , these will also be available for download on our soon to be launched revamped website.