Daikin Applied Service proactively drives down building running costs

Daikin Applied Service (DAPSUK), formally known as McQuay (UK) Ltd, has been providing tailored HVAC Service & Maintenance for over 25 years. Our strength lies in working closing with Facilities Managers to not only maintain the building but to continuously monitor the systems in place and the energy usage with the aim to drive down building energy costs.

Throughout the UK, DAPSUK have 40 full-time in-field service engineers and additional specialised support network both through our factory and the research & development centres. Our service engineers are always proactively looking for ways, in which costs can be reduced, from retrofit designs and total solution installations through to better controls management to ensure the client’s system is operating to its maximum potential at all time.

Using a collaborative approach, the service team works with the client to enhance the system performance in a number of ways:

  • Variable Frequency Drive Upgrades – compressor inverter upgrades can be proposed, offering an average return on investment in less than 3 years. The inverter upgrade can not only reduce energy consumption by up to 35% but also eliminates spikes in the unit starting current, delivers high power factor correction and can reduce the unit noise level.
  • Fan Upgrades – with a typical air cooled chiller having between 6 and 20 fans per unit (sometimes even more) and with each fan having an average power input of 2kW; small but significant savings can be made on the unit energy consumption by installation of inverter control fans which can reduce fan power input by 25% of over the course of the year, particularly at lower ambient conditions.
  • Controls Upgrades – if the compressor is the heart of a chiller, the controls are the brains. Upgrade solutions can be provided from a simple software upgrade to full hardware upgrades with touch screen solutions, enabling easier onsite maintenance. This reduces chiller operation downtime and can improve the way that the chiller modulates and matches the building load, leading to improved system efficiencies.
  • Heat Recovery – existing air cooled chiller systems can be retro-fitted with an innovative heat recovery kit. The HR2 kit has been specifically designed to recover up to 85% of the energy that is usually rejected into the ambient. The recovered energy will be used to produce hot water up to 55°C for heating and/or sanitary water applications saving system energy on the heating requirements.
  • Through a quarterly inspection regime, the system operation can be monitored to ensure correct chiller operation, extending the life expectancy of the chiller. The regular inspections and service logs together with optional remote monitoring allows the service team to build a detailed picture of the site operation, enabling chiller performance enhancements and control strategy changes to be tailored to the site’s need.

All of these options along with continued innovation form part of our service teams Energy Saving Solutions portfolio, this coupled with our extensive experience helps our customers to achieve the best possible energy savings onsite. Whilst this focuses on chiller installations, similar solutions can be provided to Air Handling Unit applications with fan upgrades, heat recovery solutions such as run around coils, high efficiency filter upgrades and controls upgrades can all be assessed by the service team to improve the unit performance and offer significant energy and cost savings solutions.

The energy saving solutions all start with regular and active monitoring which, can enable a smarter service solution to be offered, delivering savings in the following areas:

  • Energy Efficiency – 20% lower energy cost when unit is controlled and working in an optimised operational envelope, which can only be achieved with real world site working conditions.
  • Remote assistance – 40% lower intervention costs as a reduction in requirement for service engineers on site, by setting up alarms which are generated by the unit and emailed to a helpdesk 24/7, for a seamless response
  • Breakdown – fault diagnostics can begin before an engineer arrives on site, making sure that the right parts are brought to site and the equipment can be up and running with minimum disruption.

Daikin Applied Service’s, National Service Manager, Barry Coe says “Our client’s purchase HVAC systems with a general 15 year replacement programme in mind. Our expert service and maintenance can extend the life expectancy of the chiller and improve the unit efficiency further, which increases the savings a building can make as the system gets older. Our focus is always on developing new and innovative solutions for greater enhanced services.”