Daikin Applied UK Launches CIBSE Accredited Chiller CPD

Daikin Applied UK are pleased to announce that they are now a CIBSE certified CPD course provider. Daikin Applied UK have achieved accreditation for their Chiller Technology & Efficiency presentation which covers a number of important chiller areas including the different types of chillers available in the market, how to calculate a chiller unit efficiency and the different types of efficiency calculations. In addition the presentation covers the key components of chillers such as compressor technology and advice on future legislation targets for chillers, both in terms of F-gas and Eco-design that all chillers will need to achieve.

The presentation gives an excellent overview of chiller technology and the principles of product design providing emerging engineers and senior designers a good understanding of chillers.

Look out for further CIBSE accredited CPD’s later on in the year. Contact james.henley@daikinapplied.uk to book your company CPD now.