Energy Efficient Products Enhanced by Service and Maintenance Solutions

Daikin Applied pride itself on leading the drive for energy efficient products in the market and through extensive product research and development we are able to deliver the highest possible energy savings on both Air Handling Units (AHU) and Chillers. Our extensive chiller product range uses a wide array of engineering developments including inverter technology, dynamic condensing pressure management and enhanced key component design to optimise each unit, maximising efficiency levels and ESEER outputs in order to lower the energy consumption, reduce the CO2 emissions and ultimately save money. Similarly for the AHU’s, design concepts are ever evolving to enhance the solution and save energy. The latest EC fan technology can dramatically reduce unit energy consumption as well as reduce the unit footprint, whilst maintaining low SFP levels. Further advances such as thermal breaks in framework and improved system sealing to reduce air leakage which all contribute to what is considered one of the leading AHU products in the market, which is also manufactured in the UK.     

The product development provides high efficiency solutions from design conception to initial project delivery however in order to maintain the high efficiency levels or even improve on system efficiency an effective service and maintenance solution is key in order to continuously maintain the equipment throughout its effective life. Research has shown regular equipment maintenance can reduce energy consumption by 25% - 30% as well as reduce system operation downtime by up to 40%.  

The Daikin Applied Service division has over 40 in-field engineers carrying out regular AHU and chiller maintenance, working closely with facilities managers to not only provide preventative maintenance regimes but also to reduce the buildings energy usage. The latest advance in service provision is the use of remote monitoring via Daikin on Site (DOS) for both AHU and Chiller ranges. DOS allows real-time view of a sites plant operation and can log historical trends. This detailed information enables the service team to build up an operational view of the equipment, which leads to tailored maintenance to customer specific needs and provides a platform for tangible energy saving measures to be implemented. With the plant operational profile mapped via constant remote monitoring, service solutions such as inverter retrofit, controls upgrade, fan upgrades and even planned plant replacement can be proposed with real life return on investment based on projected energy savings from the existing plant energy profile. At Daikin Applied energy efficiency is our goal and we strive to provide the best solutions from initial product supply and throughout the plant operational life with exceptional aftercare service.