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Chiller Health Check

Proactive plan to rejuvenate your chiller’s performance

Daikin Applied Service wants you to get the most out of your chiller investment. Our fully trained engineers are highly experienced and qualified to carry out your chiller health check. Our preventative approach ensures that we capture and address any issues before it reaches a critical state avoiding long periods of disruption to your business.

The efficiency, reliability and the overall performance of your chiller equipment is directly linked to how your chiller is maintained. Daikin Applied Service carries out comprehensive evaluations of the current performance of your chiller equipment; providing you with a detail analysis and report on enhancing the chiller performance and suggestions on how to lower the operational costs.  .

To spot potential issues, Daikin Applied Service will work with you to take preventive measures for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of your chiller system.

Dowload your guide to chiller health checks below or contact us for more information. 

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