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28/10/2021  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   AHU, chillers, efficiency, energy, energyefficiency

Tough new air quality targets contained in updated World Health Organisation (WHO) should inspire the industry to redouble its efforts…

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27/10/2021  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   AHU, chillers, Daikin Applied Service, efficiency, energy, energyefficiency

HVAC specialist Daikin Applied UK has successfully acquired a comprehensive range of health, safety, Quality and Environmental professional certifications for…

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24/08/2021  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   chillers, datacenter, datacentercooling, efficiency, energy, energyefficiency, ITcooling

The data centre market is already vast and its growth keeps accelerating. The question for building services engineers is how…

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28/07/2021  |  Categories:   Case Study  |  Tags:   AHU, casestudy, chillers, Daikin Applied Service, Daikin TZ, efficiency, energy, energyefficiency

Heating, Ventilation & BMS upgrades for Scotland’s only five-star concert hall Usher Hall is an extraordinary blend of historical and…

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19/07/2021  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   AHU, health and wellbeing, indoor air quality, Service and maintenance

In recent year, indoor air quality in schools has been receiving a lot of attention. Children spend a huge amount of their…

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