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Daikin Applied Rental Solutions is offering rental chillers, air handling, heat pumps, power and services to meet your temporary heating and cooling needs while reducing CAPEX and optimizing your OPEX.

Daikin Applied Service is your single point of contact for all rental services: Units, Transport, Installation and Start-up

Call us now on 0345 5652700 or email to discuss your rental requirements, arrange your rental contingency plan, or to request a quote.

Why use Daikin Applied Rental Solutions?

We stock most capacity units – up to 100kW chillers and heat pumps and 150kW air handling units.

Seven reasons to use Daikin Applied Rental Solutions...

1. Daikin on Site installed on every unit

Developed to ensure your rental unit achieves the highest efficiency levels along with stress free reliability.

Daikin on Site is a cloud based continuous monitoring system that works continuously to in the background to optimise your equipment and troubleshoot any issues remotely.

A Daikin Applied expert is always readily available to help, to monitor your plant, and implement system improvements remotely.

2. Solutions for emergencies

Whether a natural disaster or an equipment failure takes your HVAC system down, Daikin Applied Rental Solutions temporary cooling, heating, and air ventilation can get you up and running again fast!

3. Standby, for critical applications

A temporary cooling, heating or air ventilation system is sometimes used to back-up manufacturing, and chemical processes, or when a hospital’s required system redundancy has been reduced.

4. Special events

We can support you with creating a comfortable climate for your special events and parties by putting together the right equipment for your HVAC requirements. Quick and easy solutions for fairs, trade shows, festivals, and events in temporary structures.

5. Solutions for load fluctuations

During facility expansions there is a need to test equipment and process areas. However there might not be sufficient load to keep new or large chillers running. A simple rental solution ensures the correct load and energy efficiency while the expansion new build is being finalised.

6. Planned shutdowns and outages

A temporary rental is an excellent way to supply cooling, heating and air ventilation during planned equipment maintenance, alleviating the time pressure to get your primary  system back on line. This way, the work can be completed correctly the first time, and avoid costly overtime.

Daikin temporary rentals makes it possible for your facility to maintain full HVAC capabilities during retrofit, renovation, or replacement.

7. A global solution provider

Daikin Group is the world leader in air conditioning, heating, ventilation and refrigeration (HVACR).

Rental units are characterised by Daikin’s market leading construction, reliability, compactness and efficiency.