Our History

Our history in the UK HVAC manufacturing industry is over 50 years long, beginning in Cramlington in 1966 as American Air Filters.

In 1994 OYL Industries acquired McQuay International, bringing together the very best companies in the business: AAF International, leader in the air-filtration industry, J & E Hall, one of the oldest refrigeration companies in the world, first to introduce the “single screw” compressor technology, and McQuay International, which in 2000 starts manufacturing its own single screw compressors. Daikin Applied UK, formerly McQuay UK, has a long tradition in the Applied industry. Founded in 1968 from a 50/50 joint venture between McQuay International USA and an Italian partner, the company rapidly grew in the ‘70s, establishing as a European leader in the market. Almost all the technologies were manufactured in-house, and the company stood out since the beginning for high efficiency levels and the unique range of capacities offered – in 1982 McQuay was already offering the largest chiller package on the market.

In 2006 McQuay and Daikin teamed up for a brilliant future in the Applied industry, complementing each other in terms of products, engineering, research potentials, and geographical production facility coverage. In 2015, then, the company changed its name to Daikin Applied UK. Starting a new chapter of the history of the company we know today.

Today Daikin Applied UK manufactures and supplies components for hydronic HVAC systems, serving the UK and Ireland – employing more than 170 people across its Cramlington HO and manufacturing site and Dartford office.