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Even if you do not have a Daikin installation, you can still benefit from Daikin Applied Services
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Service and maintenance solutions for any brand of HVAC installation.

We want to accompany our customers from design to installation and offer service and maintenance solutions for the entire life cycle of your products. Not only Daikin products, but any HVAC installation.

We are here to ensure your system maintains its high performance throughout its lifetime.

Daikin PROtect

Daikin PROtect is your long term economical and sustainable maintenance solution.

We offer a three year maintenance package designed to protect and optimise your HVAC equipment.

Because your maintenance is directly from the manufacturer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are in the hands of the experts.

Daikin PROtect

Daikin Rental Services

Whether you have long or short-term cooling needs, Daikin Rental Services deliver reliable rental solutions, applications expertise, and responsive support.

As a building owner, facilities engineer or manager, you are always planning for “what ifs.” Not to mention grappling with actual building emergencies.

We offer complete support that includes everything you need – from chillers and Air Handling units to heat and power.

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Active Remote Monitoring

With Daikin on Site active remote monitoring, you can benefit from enhanced reliability and energy efficiency. Reduced system downtime and operational costs.

Get the latest technology in remote monitoring, matched with superb service to improve your HVAC-R installation.

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Chiller Repairs

We provide a reliable and responsive chiller repair service, and understand how critical it is to get your chiller plant up and running with minimal disruptions.

We carry an extensive range of commonly used spare parts, to get your chiller up and running as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, our planned and preventative maintenance programmes reduce the number of unexpected chiller breakdowns.

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Chiller Health Check

Rejuvenate your chiller’s performance.

Daikin Applied Service wants you to get the most out of your chiller investment. Our fully trained engineers are highly experienced and qualified to carry out your chiller health check.

Our preventative approach ensures that we capture and address any issues before it reaches a critical state, avoiding long periods of disruption to your business.

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Keep your chiller equipment running in great condition through maintenance and a planned overhaul

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Chiller Retrofit and VFD Solutions

Chiller retrofit and VFD solutions. Extend the life of your equipment by years

Many ageing chillers can benefit from upgrades and modifications to improve operation and efficiency.

We offer a selection of upgrade services so that equipment can continue to provide years of dedicated cooling.

Furthermore, this is available on ALL brands HVAC equipment.

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AHU Refurbishment

Are you searching for better energy efficiency and IAQ, without the cost and disruption of replacing your entire AHU?

Daikin Applied UK offer AHU upgrades and refurbishments, replacing key components, upgrading to new technologies and recommissioning.

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F-Gas Regulation Compliance Check

Your HVAC-R equipment contains fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-gases) such as hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). Because of this, you must comply with a series of requirements adopted in the European Union. These requirements are there to reduce the environmental impact of refrigerants through emission prevention and containment.

F-gas Regulation (EU) No 517/2014 puts in place mandatory measures to reduce F-gas emissions in the EU. One of these measures is the prevention of emissions of F-gases. This is achieved by conducting periodical checks, proper servicing and the recovery of F gas at the end of the equipment’s life.

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AC Equipment Maintenance

Is your equipment
operating at peak efficiency?

Air conditioning now plays a crucial role in the smooth operation and comfort of business premises. Modern systems provide not only cooling, but heating, humidity control and air quality. All these factors are fundamental in providing a comfortable and efficient working environment. It is therefore vital that your equipment is operating at peak efficiency at all times.

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Spare Parts

Spare parts and components with next day delivery

If your cooling equipment is running 24/7 throughout the year, it is inevitable that components may wear over time.

Daikin Applied UK offers genuine replacement parts for Daikin and McQuay products. Plus benefit from the support and expertise of our qualified engineers.

Do you need parts in a hurry? Our engineers can conduct a site visit to discuss any critical components you may require at short notice, in the event of an unexpected breakdown.

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