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With Daikin's highly efficient technologies, you can keep your costs down and your servers cool. Explore our cost-effective ranges of chillers, heat pumps and air handling units to ensure the most competitive offer to your customers.

Cooling can be provided simultaneously to multiple buildings such as airports, hotels, stadiums, office towers, with savings of up to 50% in electrical energy compared to traditional air conditioning systems.

Daikin central HVAC systems can handle the heating and cooling demands of large spaces with multiple rooms and offices. Our economical flexibility and zoning features help you to adjust the temperature for different spaces with unique needs.

Daikin Applied UK is the main supplier of HVAC equipment to healthcare facilities. We have supplied over 500 hospitals in the UK and over 300 hospitals internationally.

Daikin Inverter compressor chillers can ensure the highest efficiency levels, adapting their loads to the building demand at different times of the year. Be responsive to customers’ comfort expectations, no matter the season.

For your industrial process cooling, ensure maximum performance at the lowest possible energy consumption levels with Daikin inverter technology.

Daikin Applied offers a wide range of failure-proof data centre cooling solutions that will help you to reduce your HVAC impact on energy consumption.

The most flexible solutions for offices, shops and commercial activities with the best indoor air quality on the market.

Our high efficiency and compact marine chillers operate on a wide variety of ships, and are specifically designed to cope with corrosive conditions.

Explore our range of complete HVAC solutions from chillers, heat pumps, AHU's, remote monitoring and servicing. Our market-leading technologies provide excellent efficiencies and ensure climate comfort and indoor air quality.

Daikin Applied UK has cooling and heating solutions with our comprehensive AHU, chiller and heat pump portfolio. Benefit from optimal indoor air quality solutions and increased energy efficiency in your office building.

Our comprehensive range of Air Handling Units allow proper ventilation and filtration of the air, taking care of the health and well-being of those who work on a daily basis in heavily polluted environments.

Precise indoor air quality, temperature and precise climate control is critical in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products. Explore our range of suitable products.

If your equipment is more than ten years old, it probably isn't running as efficiently as it could. This impacts indoor air quality, outdoor pollution, running costs, energy efficiency, and equipment life-cycle.

Daikin Applied has the full range of products for even the largest residential apartment blocks with our heat pumps, cooling, heating and heat recovery solutions, ensuring indoor air quality with our range of AHUs.

Making sure students can get the most out of their learning experience with Daikin Applied UK advanced HVAC technology. Explore our range of suitable solutions.

Our range of chillers offer the most efficient and flexible solutions, while our air handling units offer a wide variety of customisations and are completely adaptable to project design specifications.