AHU solutions for a manufacturing facility

AHU technology for an HVAC project executed in Portugal. The project included 2 D-AHU Professional Air Handling Units providing an airflow of over 110 000 m³/h.
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Daikin has provided AHU technology for an interesting HVAC project in Lanheses, Portugal.

The project included 2 big size Air Handling Units providing an air flow of over 110,000 m³/h, to guarantee that the production facility of an American multinational automotive supplier facility for a big multinational company in the automotive sector, has always the comfort and the air exchange needed.


3x D-AHU Professional with integrated digital control

Total air flow: 113,000 m3/h


The Air Handling Units installed are part of the Daikin Professional Series, which is known for being able to offer a tailor-made solution allowing more than 1000 possible combinations. The Series distinguishes for offering highly flexible and customizable air handling unit solutions, suitable for many different applications, and flexibility was exactly what was needed in this project.

The Professional Series allowed to tailor the AHU solution to the client needs, thanks to a wide variety of options and the modular nature of the Series itself.


For this project were installed 3 very big Air Handling Units. Two 2 of them providing an air flow of 50,000 m3/h each (supply and return), while the third provides an air flow of 13,000 m3/h (supply and return).

The new Digital Control by Daikin was also included in the solutions provided, and there was also an additional customized solution: a small heat wheel for fresh air only (mechanical bypass to the wheel) and mixing chamber.