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Daikin supplied a full HVAC solution including chiller and Air Handling Units to meet the needs of a global pharmaceutical company in Hungary. |
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Daikin recently supplied a full HVAC solution including chiller technology and Air Handling Units to meet the needs of a medical research facility in Veszprém, Hungary. The facility is used by a global pharmaceutical company.




6x Daikin Professional

Airflow: 2.500 to 7.000 per AHU unit

Cooling capacity: ~ 400 kW cooling capacity (5 Chillers)


For this project the main aspects were related to temperature and humidity control as well as reliability.

Temperature and humidity control in the facility were necessary for the impact those two components can have on tests and research quality.

The project required to have a HVAC system able to keep the temperature in the labs constantly at 20 °C with a constant level of humidity, which required dehumidification throughout the whole year, and particularly during the summer.

Also, the system had to comply with hygienic requirements to keep the environments sterile.

And finally, footprint was another aspect to the projects, which required part of the system to be installed in limited space in an attic.

Daikin managed to meet the requirements in this project thanks to the comprehensive and flexible product portfolio, which ensured valuable solutions both with standard products and customized products.

That was the case of the VDI6022 compliant with special fluid seals Daikin air handling units, configured to fit in a tight plant and to meet the dehumidification requirements of the project.

While for temperature control the Small Inverter Chiller, among the other products, was an important solution to guarantee that the 20 °C need for indoor temperature constantly met, with great precision, no matter the changes in ambient conditions that might occur during the year or the time of the day.

That is thanks to the inverter technology. The R-32 Small Inverter Chiller, in fact, is a full inverter chiller able to ensure high efficiency levels both at full and partial loads, perfectly adapting to the cooling demand. In fact, inverter technology is particularly suitable for applications where great precision in terms of temperature control is needed.