Reliable and eco-friendly solution for a office building

It is important to find future-proof solutions to current refrigerant challenges. That has been the case with the two R-32 chillers installed in Chile. 
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Refrigerants are more than ever necessary. The cooling and heating needs of our world are growing, and while refrigerant solutions of the past may have had consequences on today's environment, it is important to find future-proof solutions to current challenges now. That has been the case with the two R-32 chillers installed in Chile.




This HVAC project involved two office buildings. The two Daikin EWAT-B chillers will cool down the two buildings, which use fan coils to distribute cooling into the premises.

"The client was very confident with Daikin. We have worked with them before, and they have trust in Daikin Chillers. Then, they liked the unit to be environmentally friendly, thanks to the low GWP refrigerant R-32", said Pedro Andrade, Account Manager at Daikin Chile S.A.

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