Pharma production plant

Daikin supplied chiller technology for the production plant and distribution site of a multinational company leader in the pharmaceutical sector
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Daikin supplied chiller technology for the production plant and distribution site of a multinational company, leader in the pharmaceutical sector.




The HVAC project was executed in Poland. The pharmaceutical sector often has stringent temperature and humidity control standards when it comes to choosing the right HVAC equipment. But also energy efficiency and reliability are aspect that need to be absolutely taken into account.

Efficiency and reliability play an extremely important role in the investment companies do choosing equipment for their HVAC system.

Pharmaceutical companies, like any other company, need to make sure costs are contained. Since HVAC systems can have an important impact on energy bills, it is important to choose highly energy- efficient units.

Temperature and humidity control then is another important aspect when it comes to industrial applications in the pharmaceutical sector.

The environment in which pharmaceutical products are manufactured determines the quality of the products, whether they are medicines, supplements or cosmetics.

All of these products are necessary to keep people healthy or cure them from possible diseases, and that tells us how important it is that those products are of the highest quality.

Perfect temperature and humidity control are necessary for the following reasons. One – manufacturing processes for drugs usually require different levels of temperature for chemical processes and to allow ingredients to properly blend. Certain drugs, then, might require cold storage to maintain their properties. That is the case of vaccines, for instance, which need to be stored at low temperatures to preserve their effectiveness. And they usually need to be stored at very precise temperatures.

All this shows how important storage is in this kind of application. So much that companies in this sector must comply with regulatory bodies’ guideline. One of them is the World Health organization’s guideline for the storage of pharmaceutical products, which, states pharmaceuticals need to be stored in ventilated and dry environments with temperatures in the range of 15 to 25 C°.

But temperature and humidity control are also important to avoid contaminations. As we know, pathogens thrive in warm and humid conditions. Humidity, for instance might also increase the level of moisture in drugs, which might lead to a deterioration of the drug itself.

All this is indication of the importance chiller technology can have in this kind of application, as it contributes to the quality of the overall manufacturing process. ensuring that temperature and humidity in the manufacturing facilities are constantly controlled, and that products are always of the highest quality.


All of the above mentioned aspects and needs were addressed with the Daikin inverter screw Series.

Daikin in-house designed and built Single Screw Inverter compressor with integrated Inverter technology can make the difference ensuring high efficiency levels both at full and partial loads. Also, Inverter technology is particularly suitable for applications where precise temperature control is needed. In fact, inverter is a key technology when it comes to adapting chiller’s performance to the cooling demand, ensuring the maximum efficiency of the cooling plant.