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Daikin has supplied HVAC solutions for an office building project in Krakow, Poland.
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Daikin has supplied HVAC solutions for an office building project in Krakow, Poland.

The project involves a complex of five buildings providing modern office space in the very center of Krakow.






Among the main aspect for this big project there was definitely energy efficiency.

The level of efficiency a chiller can deliver clearly have an impact on energy consumptions and running costs related to the office building. And it was customers’ interest to install technology that could help keeping energy consumption as low as possible.

Reliability was also very important.

Another interesting aspect was the fact that the chillers needed to work on pure water (without glycol) for this project, which is not exactly a standard request considering the ambient conditions in Krakow.


Daikin Screw Inverter units were installed in every building to address the efficiency aspect.

The Inverter technology continuously modulates the speed of the compressor’s motor, which is the most efficient way to perform the capacity control of the compressor. In this way, Variable Frequency Drive provides chillers with outstanding part load or seasonal efficiencies, also allowing great energy saving opportunities.

To make the HVAC system even more efficient, it was important to make sure chillers could also vary the water flow depending on the actual load demand of the building. So, variable water flow in the primary circuit was provided. This option will make pumps more efficient, modulating the quantity of water flowing through the system, thus reducing pumps impact on energy consumptions.

As far as reliability, screw compressors units were chosen, as Daikin in-house developed screw compressors can guarantee a life span longer than other screw compressors.