Heating and ventilation refurbishment

The UK Edwardian concert hall required a modern HVAC solution.
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The UK Edwardian building required a modern HVAC solution. The contractor was appointed to carry out various M&E systems upgrades throughout the building, including a new boiler plant, new chillers, Auditorium Supply AHU refurbishment & site-wide BMS renewal.


The EWAD-TZ B air-cooled chillers were selected due to their high efficiency with reduced noise option. With low operating cost, flexibility and reliability, the EWAD-TZ B chiller range is the result of careful design, aimed to optimise energy efficiency, with the objective of bringing down operating costs. The chillers feature high efficiency single screw Inverter driven compressor design, optimised condensing section, advanced technology condenser fans and a "shell & tube" or plate heat exchanger evaporator with low refrigerant pressure drops.


Daikin Applied UK was able to refurbish a 20-year-old Air Handling Unit, increasing its efficiency and so avoiding costly business disruption and downtime.


Daikin Applied UK was selected because of the great customer service and reputable quality products, to supply chillers and upgrade/refurbish the existing Auditorium Supply AHU.

From the initial site visits to providing subsequent sales quotes & technical documents, Daikin Applied UK worked within the agreed timescales, which at times presented as challenging given the nature of the project and its geographic location within the City Centre.

"Another project where Daikin Applied delivered what was promised. Always willing to assist and deal with any challenges or issues that arose. We are delighted with the service and look forward to continuing to work with Daikin Applied UK in the future."

(Senior Project Manager)



AHU upgrade and refurbishment