Multifunctional Sports Hall

Daikin Applied has supplied chillers for a Multifunctional Sports Hall in Budapest Hungary.
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The facility, with a capacity of 20,022 seats will be the largest Handball Arenas in Europe. Right-now it is one of the official venues of the European Men's Handball Championship, and Budapest's newest sports arena. The Multifunctional Sports Hall will mainly host to Handball games, Ice skating competitions in the ice-rink, and concerts.


3× EWAD-T- ; 3× EWAD-TZ; 1× EWYT-B-

Total cooling capacity: 9MW

Total heating capacity: 600kW


Consultants and installers on this project needed a highly energy efficient HVAC system, which could also guarantee low noise emission levels, and great reliability.


Both Daikin air-cooled screw inverter and screw fixed speed units, plus an air-cooled scroll compressor heat pump unit with R-32 were chosen. The set of products supplied by Daikin are intended for both comfort cooling and heating, serving the whole facility.