A Daikin chiller has recently been installed and commissioned in a HVAC project involving a winery in a well-known wine cellar in the region of Ribera del Duero in Spain.
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A Daikin screw inverter chiller from the TZ range has recently been installed and commissioned in a HVAC project involving a winery in one of the most known wine cellars in the region of Ribera del Duero, in Spain.


Daikin on Site


Cooling capacity: 420 kW


For this project, the famous Spanish winery needed a chiller that could fully meet the process cooling needs of the facility. One of the main requirements for this project was definitely reliability, as system breakdowns not only generate costs, but also have an impact on the quality of the wine produced – and for a well-known wine brand quality is absolutely necessary.


To make the chiller delivered even more reliable, the end user decided to include Daikin on Site (DoS) – Daikin’s unique solution for remote monitoring and smart maintenance allowing predict and avoid any malfunctioning.

DoS can provide 24/7 real time data, all year round, tracking chillers and their correct functionality. All this to allow to take preventive actions and plan technicians’ work. Also, that allows to give technicians an idea of the spare parts they might need in case issues with the chiller might be occurring, then speeding up their work and keeping recovery time to a minimum.

On top of that, Daikin on Site also allows to create periodical reports of the chiller performance, to help keeping the system as efficient as possible.

Other than reliability and connectivity, another key aspect in this project was efficiency.

Daikin’s screw inverter technology is well known for providing extremely high energy efficiency ratings, which can be very important in process cooling projects. Thanks to the screw inverter compressor, the Chillers form the TZ range can guarantee maximum performance in terms of efficiency, ensuring that the required cooling capacity needed, at all times, at the lowest possible energy consumption levels.

This is where Daikin’s entirely in-house developed inverter technology makes the difference, ensuring high efficiency levels both at full and partial loads.