Construction chemical sector

Daikin provided screw inverter technology for an industrial project involving a manufacturing site in Poland in the construction chemical sector.
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Daikin provided screw inverter technology for an industrial project involving a manufacturing site in Poland, where a well-known Swiss company in the construction chemical sector produces modern polyurethane and epoxy floors for a wide range of construction applications.



Total Cooling capacity: 570 kW


The company Daikin has been supporting in this HVAC project has as a main goal to provide the best products and a fully professional service to our customers. They do that thanks to well-equipped production and laboratory facilities, which are constantly updated, and the HVAC system serving these facilities couldn’t be any less.

Also, the end user is particularly keen to operating with an eye for energy efficiency, and that was one of the main reasons why Daikin was chosen to provide the labs and manufacturing facilities with the necessary cooling.


The project required an energy efficiency HVAC concept. That is why it was decided to use a chiller featuring Daikin in-house developed Inverter Screw compressor, which has set a new standard for energy efficiency and reliability, thanks to the Daikin design. All that makes the EWAD-TZ chiller a very efficient option, which ensures great energy efficiency levels.

In Air Conditioning applications chillers and heat pumps typically spend most of their operating time at part loads. That means the compressor of a chiller encounters many hours of off-design operation.

The Inverter technology can ensure the best performance regardless of the cooling demand. In fact, thanks to the Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) technology, chillers can be able to match the different loads requirements, in any circumstances. The Inverter technology continuously modulates the speed of the compressor’s motor, which is the most efficient way to perform the capacity control of the compressor. In this way, Variable Frequency Drive provides chillers with outstanding part load or seasonal efficiencies, also allowing great energy saving opportunities.