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The Building 613 at CERN, is a data storage facility operating 24/7, all year round. In this facility storage devices such as magnetic tapes are used to keep safe some of the sensible and invaluable information produced within the experiments and the research conducted at CERN’s laboratories over the years.


1x EWAT-B-

Total cooling capacity: 107 kW


The facility could potentially consume high amounts of energy, not only to supply IT equipment with power, but also to remove the heat they generate, which is fundamental as it prevents electrical components from overheating and fail, or just simply to ensure reliability and continuity of operations.


The chiller chosen for this purpose is of the air-cooled scroll compressor type with R-32 refrigerant. This unit will produce chilled water for the cooling coils of an Air Handling Unit providing 17,000 m3/h of airflow, which is used for the air conditioning of the facility.

To help cooling down the facility in the most energy efficient way, CERN chose a chiller form Daikin’s Bluevolution Series, a range well-known for the great performance combined with absolute reliability and low GWP.

Besides that, the EWAT-B- Series could also meet CERN’s needs in terms of low noise emissions levels required for this installation, and reduced footprint, perfectly fitting the limited plant space available.