Tea bag factory in Middle East

Daikin has supplied chillers to provide both comfort and process cooling in Middle East conditions
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The main goal of this project was replacing two air-cooled chillers which could not properly meet the cooling needs of the industrial plant, forcing the client to constantly face insufficient cooling issues, especially in the summer season.

The requirement was to remove two chillers out of the four existing chillers and install two new chillers, or simply install just one higher capacity chiller.



Total Cooling capacity: 1400 kW


The client has great attention towards reducing their environmental impact and needed technology that could easily comply with their global HSE policy, which does not allow installation of equipment with GWP higher than 50.


Considering the small & enclosed installation space, Daikin representatives and the client agreed on installing a larger capacity chiller, able to fully meet the entire factory cooling load. That also allowed the client to shut down the remaining chillers and make their maintenance easier, without any affect on the factory production.

Compliancy with the client's requirement was possible thanks to the TZ range, which pairs up low GWP (only 7), thanks to the HFO refrigerant R1234ze, and very high energy efficiency, thanks to the Daikin in-house designed screw inverter compressor.