Chiller Health Check

Rejuvenate your chiller’s performance

Daikin Applied Service wants you to get the most out of your chiller investment. Our fully trained engineers are highly experienced and qualified to carry out your chiller health check. Our preventative approach ensures that we capture and address any issues before it reaches a critical state, avoiding long periods of disruption to your business.

System evaluation

Book a comprehensive evaluation of your system to ensure everything is running in tandem with your chiller. Evaluation includes inspection of your pumps, cooling tower, chilled water plant controls and log chiller.

*Manufacturer’s recommendation: an open inspection of internal working parts should be done every 50,000 operating hours.

Chiller evaluation

Book a comprehensive evaluation of your chiller, using non-destructive testing (NDT) techniques.

This includes:

  • Oil analysis
  • Eddy current test
  • Inspection of insulation
  • Tube inspection/cleaning
  • Inspection of electrical connections and controls
  • Inspection of all water flow sensors
  • Inspection of all calibrations of sensors

Open inspection

An open inspection is the best way to be proactive in identifying any internal wear on the components that could pose a catastrophic failure.

We will:

  • Inspect and gate rotors for wear
  • Open and inspect compressor screw
  • Open and inspect Lubrication System
  • Check lip clearances and tolerances


After any health check booked with us, you will receive an easy to read report detailing findings which will identify any failures or concerns and confirm any work we believe to be carried out to maintain and optimise your HVAC equipment.

The efficiency, reliability and the overall performance of your chiller equipment is directly linked to how your chiller is maintained. Daikin Applied Service carries out comprehensive evaluations of the current performance of your chiller equipment; providing you with a detail analysis and report on enhancing the chiller performance and suggestions on how to lower the operational costs. . To spot potential issues, Daikin Applied Service will work with you to take preventive measures for the safe, reliable and efficient operation of your chiller system. Download your guide to chiller health checks or contact us for more information.

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