Daikin On Site - Remote Monitoring

Enhanced reliability and energy efficiency. Reduced system downtime and operational costs.

Get the latest technology in remote monitoring, matched with superb service to improve your HVAC-R installation.

Remote Monitoring

Daikin on Site (DOS) is a web-based 24/7 remote monitoring system that collects complex operational data from the AHU or chiller control system.

Daikin’s Smart Centre turns the operational data into useful information. This then allows the user to remotely monitor performance. Above all, it allows Daikin professionals to remotely optimise and maintain your equipment, meaning you get the most out of system. In other words, you benefit from reduced downtime and cheaper running costs.

Main Benefits:

Remote diagnostic support from Daikin experts

Enhanced reliability and reduced system downtime

Optimised energy efficiency

Reduced operational costs over the systems lifetime

Insight into operational data - allowing you to optimise the use of equipment via Trend Analysis

Optimum efficiency. Reduced costs

Operating costs like energy and maintenance typically account for 85% of the system’s total lifetime cost. Moreover, undiscovered energy waste and incorrect operation will therefore increase costs and can even lead to unscheduled interruptions.

Using Daikin Applied's remote monitoring results in optimum use and reduced costs over the system’s entire lifetime.


Cloud technology

Remote maintenance allows your system to be accessed using any web-compatible devices any time and anywhere using cloud technology. Meaning process data is collected automatically in real time and then  stored centrally.

Insight into operational data for enhanced control and reliability

Through enhanced operational data, Daikin engineers are able to remotely monitor system performance, run diagnostics and software upgrades. Subsequently, if an on-site visit is required, the service engineer will arrive already informed of the issue, thus reducing system downtime.

Simple, effective connection

Most Daikin Applied Chiller and AHU controllers have a built-in IP interface. This allows connection for remote monitoring either through LAN or with wireless modem communication.

High security

Daikin On Site is secure in all aspects, such as data privacy, data storage security and data transport.

  • All connections are encrypted (HTTPS) to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks
  • CSA security attestation
  • Data privacy conforming to EU data privacy regulations
  • Geo-redundant data storage in Northern Europe

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