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Economical and sustainable maintenance solutions for peace of mind. Available on all brands of HVAC installation.

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What is Daikin PROtect?

Daikin PROtect is your long term economical and sustainable maintenance solution, direct from the manufacturer.

We offer a three year maintenance package (option to extend to five years) designed to protect and optimise your HVAC equipment.

Because your maintenance is directly from the manufacturer, you can have peace of mind knowing that your assets are in the hands of the experts.

With Daikin PROtect we can offer you:

  • Fast and reliable remote diagnostics with Daikin On
    Site active monitoring

  • Rapid fault identification and resolution

  • Protected three year parts warranty (option to extend to five years) plus labour in the first year

  • Up to four hour response time for emergency callouts

  • Factory trained technicians (F-gas registered)

What you get with Daikin PROtect

  • Conforms to SFG20 maintenance standard
  • F-Gas leak test
  • Oil analysis
  • Daikin on Site active monitoring
  • Four visits per annum (1 major/3 minor)
  • Three years parts warranty
  • One point vibration analysis (optional extra)

Why Choose Daikin Applied Service

Daikin Applied Service is one of the leading specialists for the maintenance and refurbishment of all brands of HVAC equipment. We operate across the UK and Ireland, offering rapid response and specialist solutions to your maintenance needs.

Our service solutions are further enhanced by Daikin On Site active remote monitoring.

Daikin on Site Active Remote Monitoring

Daikin on Site active remote monitoring enables the proactive monitoring and diagnosis of AHUs and chillers, 24/7/365.

This is supported by a reliable network of technical and on-site support services, helping you to optimise your system efficiency.

Leak Detection

New technology to the market, remote monitoring can now detect potential gas losses. An alarm is triggered, notifying the operator and allowing rapid response to the machinery to prevent further gas loss.

This feature can detect losses that are in a range of 0-15% of the total amount of gas. (Automatically available on Daikin on Site with units equipped with liquid temperature sensor).

Users can view leak detection data through the DoS

Oil Analysis

Diagnostic and predictive maintenance.

Oil comes in contact with many important internal components and therefore holds valuable information about a chiller’s condition. The presence of harmful acids, corrosion causing water and abnormal metal wear particles can all be detected.

Oil analysis can identify:
  • Lubricant condition
  • Internal contamination
  • Abnormal wear and mechanical condition

What you get

  • Expert comments and corrective recommendations
  • History and trend lines of chemicals, contamination, wear, acidity and moisture
  • Reduced downtime. Prevent chiller failures and eliminate unexpected shutdowns
  • Minimise costly repairs. Identify and remedy problems early before they become bigger and more expensive to repair
  • Extending oil lifetime reduces handling of oil waste. It is a win-win for the environment and is cost saving

Vibration analysis

All HVAC equipment with rotating components has its own vibration signature. Any deviation from this signature can be used to accurately predict developing problems such as bearing wear, shaft unbalancing and degrading compressor rotor tolerances.

What you get

  • Expert knowledge of compressor kinematics
  • A detailed report identifying equipment trends and corrective action required
  • Improved reliability and reduced lifecycle costs
  • When used as part of a condition based monitoring programme can prevent
    catastrophic failures and equipment downtime
  • Minimise costly repairs.
    Early detection of potential failures allows corrective action to take place preventing a major component failure
  • Environment. Non-intrusive diagnostics minimises internal
    mechanical inspections and subsequent waste.

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