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Humanitarian aid

Daikin Applied UK has made a donation to the Erwin Marriott Project to support their latest successful intervention in conveying humanitarian aid to Ukraine. The Erwin Marriott project is an organisation set up some years back by a UK nurse, who works with other countries delivering humanitarian and medical aid to countries that need it.


Displaced families

The team consists of volunteers who have been over Ukraine once previously, meeting other volunteers who have gone there, made up of ex military and Doctors. They were able to visit an orphanage and school, housing displaced families. The volunteers at the Erwin Marriott Project have collected much needed supplies for civilians and soldiers, ensuring that what is going out is what is needed. However, the costs of travelling and delivering these supplies requires sponsporship, and Daikin Applied UK are honoured to help.


2,500-mile round trip

Their EMP convoy of four vehicles and six drivers drove the 2,500-mile round trip to deliver much-needed aid to the Slovakia/Ukraine border. The team delivered much needed medical supplies, non-perishable foods, mobility aids, new warm bedding, clothing and baby necessities to Uzhhorod in Western Ukraine; received by their resident military contact.