F-Gas - Compliance won't be left to chance

There is unease about how the F-Gas regulations will be enforced after Brexit, but James Henley (Daikin Applied UK - Product Development Manager) believes the industry already has the answers.

Daikin Applied was the first in the market to launch a new generation of high efficiency air-cooled scroll chillers using R32 refrigerant. Switching to R32 has allowed us to achieve a 10 per cent improvement in seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) compared with the equivalent equipment using R410a. The R32 chiller range also fully complies with the efficiency requirements imposed by current European Legislation (Ecodesign Lot21 ).

Even more significantly, a chiller using R32 has a 63 per cent lower C02 equivalent charge than a similar capacity R410a counterpart. In the event of any leakage of refrigerant gas to the atmosphere that is a major difference and marks a considerable technical advance in line with the aims of F-Gas regulators. It also means that an end user can significantly reduce their potential impact on the environment and meet all their legislative obligations with no loss of performance.

In the end, it will be the market - not regulators - that drives change. End users will be on the lookout for the best available cost-effective performance and the lowest potential environmental impact and we are ready to provide it.