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Now more than ever, digital tools are becoming increasingly vital for so many parts of our lives. This includes HVAC systems which are a fundamental digital tool, essential for the modernising sector.

The impact COVID-19 has had on the world, both from a personal and a business standpoint has been vast. We have seen governments imposing restrictions on social and economic activities in order to slow down and control the spread of Coronavirus. Such restrictions have inevitably lead us to a digital migration, meaning most of our activities are being are being carried out online while we continue to respect social distancing and stay safe.

Companies are now modernising their view on working styles by on boarding digital tools and platforms to allow their employees to work from home. Schools have also had to adapt and take on a more unorthodox approach which relies heavily on e-learning with the use of conference call platforms following the closure of schools during quarantine. This allows students to continue to attend classes without hindering their learning.

In a short amount of time we have moved from digital tools not being necessary to now being part of our daily lives and needing them majority of businesses activity. This of course includes the Air Conditioning sector.


Digital Transformation (DX) Brand 2020

Daikin strives towards providing advanced digital solutions for Air Conditioning products and services and has recently been selected as Digital Transformation (DX) Brand 2020 by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

In 2020, a total of 35 DX issue 2020 companies were selected, along with 21 DX notable companies, from across all industries.

Companies that use digital technologies to transform and improve their products, services and business models are recognised by The DX brand. The brand looks for companies that establish a competitive advantage and create value for consumers through their digital tools.

For that exact reason, Daikin has identified IoT and AI technology in order to provide Air Conditioning with high added value to society, which is at the forefront of themes in the strategic management plan Fusion 20.


Daikin contribution to the HVAC sector

Within the HVAC sector, Daikin is the only player in the Applied sector to have a cutting-edge solution, Daikin On Site (DoS). During COVD-19, DoS has been providing an invaluable solution and will continue to provide added value to businesses as technology standards innovate and advance.

This is the result years of work Daikin has been investing towards a digital transformation. The value of a solution like DoS was made even more evident during quarantine, when the importance of remotely controlling, monitoring and performing diagnostic analysis on HVAC equipment rather than having people on site became clear.

This solution has allowed engineers across the world to monitor, manage and control HVAC systems in real time, directly from the cloud. This means engineers are able to remotely access HAVC equipment and take preventive actions – if needed – without visiting the site. DoS has also given them ability to offer customers the opportunity to see and assess live data such as efficiency performance of the equipment.


How Diakin on Site works

DoS  is an innovative remote monitoring tool that can provide 24/7 real time data, all year round, tracking chiller plants and air handling unit’s behaviour and their correct functionality. This digital tool allows plant owners to take preventive actions and avoid remedial costs associated with breakdowns and downtime.

For plant managers, DoS can have a multitude of benefits. Every time an alarm is triggered, plant managers can easily recognise the problem and find the right solution without attending site. This platform allows plant manager to evaluate all the parameters in real time and if any settings adjustments are required, this can be carried out remotely. These functions allow operation and management improvements of units, as well as increased reliability.

DoS allows technicians to plan work; offering the possibility to prepare technicians with regards to issues and possible solutions. It also offers technicians with ideas about spare parts they might need, speeding up their work and allowing them to work more efficiently and reduce HVAC plants recovery time.

Not only that, DoS allows creation of periodical reports on system performance or energy audits, helping to keep the system as efficient as possible.

For all of these reasons Daikin on Site has become a fundamental part of businesses in our modern way of working, because it is able to provide an increased level of efficiency and reliability of a HVAC plant, almost completely remotely, which now more than ever is essential for all businesses in the era of COVID-19.


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