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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   Case Study  |  Tags:   chillers, commercial, energyefficiency, Eurovent, EWATB, R32, screw

13 units, including EWAD-T and EWAT-B ranges Total cooling capacity: over 5 MW The City Mall Project is one of…

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30/09/2019  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   ecodesign, energyefficiency, EWATB, fgas, R32

Virgin founder and world-famous marketeer Richard Branson recently criticized the air conditioning industry, saying that air conditioning technology has not…

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25/01/2019  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:   chillers, fgas, lowGWP, R32, refrigerants

There is unease about how the F-Gas regulations will be enforced after Brexit, but James Henley (Daikin Applied UK –…

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22/01/2019  |  Categories:   News  |  Tags:  

From 2018 to 2019 refrigerants unsurprisingly dominate the industry, but other concerns are coming to the foreground at the beginning…

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