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Dr. A Dadgari - Technical Manager

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A 4-pipe or multipurpose chiller is essentially a hybrid solution allowing to provide buildings with both chilled water and hot water at the same time.

For a long-time HVAC projects have faced the need for simultaneous cooling and heating installing boilers and chillers and having them operate at the same time. This system layout still makes sense for many projects. In fact, every HVAC project has peculiarities that need to be considered, but a multipurpose unit can be a viable solution that should always be considered as an option.

4-pipe or multipurpose chillers allow buildings to operate without the need for additional boilers. These systems are capable of simultaneously providing constant chilled water for air-conditioned areas, constant hot water for heating circuits, and a proportional amount of sanitary hot water.

All that is possible thanks to a design that allows the unit to manage two separate loops – one for chilled water and the other for hot water.


Daikin Multipurpose chiller EWYD-4Z B:

  • Cooling capacity range: 400 – 800 kW
  • Heating capacity range: 400 – 800 kW
  • EER: up to 3.3
  • COP: up to 3.7
  • Daikin single screw compressor with integrated inverter and Variable Volume Ratio technology


  • Wide operating envelope for both cooling and heating with extra capacity in Boosted operation and Rapid Restart functionality
  • Best solution for applications requiring independent cooling, simultaneous cooling and heating all year round. One key application is represented by hospitals, have a look at this article to know more about how the use of a 4 pipe chiller can be beneficial in hospitals HVAC plants


  • 2 circuits, 2 compressors
  • Evaporator: Shell & tubes
  • Condenser: Copper-Aluminium
  • High efficiency Inverter fans with optimized geometry ensuring the best ratio between airflow and power input

Find here a video explaining how Daikin Multipurpose solution can provide value for HVAC projects.

Read our case study here about how the EWYD 4Z can help your building achieve BREEAM outstanding, NABERS 5* and carbon zero

Certified in accordance with the Eurovent Certification Program.
Certified units may be found in the Eurovent website at www.eurovent-certification.com

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