Daikin's innovative R-32 Heat Pump is the first air cooled heat pump in its range, with low environmental impact and outstanding reliability
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  • Nominal heating capacity range between 82 – 650 kW
  • Two Efficiency levels; Silver and Gold
  • SEER and EER up to 2.7 and 4.92 respectively
  • Hermetic orbiting Scroll compressor arranged in tandem or trio configuration
  • 3 sound configurations: Standard, Low and Reduced
  • R-32 Refrigerant (A2L classified- ISO817)


  • Outstanding reliability with one or two independent refrigeration circuit and two or three compressors, to assure maximum safety for any maintenance.
  • Condensation control with continuous fan speed modulation to ensure precise airflow control and optimised condensing temperature
  • Partial heat recovery with a plate to plate heat exchanger for each refrigerant circuit
  • Optional up to 200 PA ESP Fans
  • Optional transport and container kit
  • Optional External inertial chilled water storage tank


  • Waterside- Stainless and fully brazed direct expansion plate to plate heat exchanger optimised for R-32 refrigerant
  • Airside- Copper tube arranged in staggered row pattern and mechanically expanded into lanced and rippled Aluminium fin.
  • Electronic expansion value for precise control of the refrigerant mass flow
  • Multiple system security including; phase monitor, low ambient temperature lock-out and freeze protection
  • Micro tech IV controller with liquid crystal display, password protection, application security, alarm history, etc
  • Remote communication using common protocols including; ModbusRTU, LonWorks, BACnet BTP and Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Wide range of standard options including; Alucoat fins coil, double set point, evaporator Victaulic kit, hour run meter, Master / Slave connectivity and many others

Latest press release here on Phase 2 of the EWYT-B

Certified in accordance with the Eurovent Certification Program.
Certified units may be found in the Eurovent website at www.eurovent-certification.com

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