Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) Sensor

Daikin’s newest device measures and analyses your indoor air quality (IAQ) to improve your well-being
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Daikin IEQ sensor is an IoT device measuring your well-being. Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) is broader than indoor air quality (IAQ), and includes lighting, noise, and electromagnetic fields. It has 12 embedded different sensors that monitors 15 different parameters, and it connects to your WiFi network (captive portal not supported).

  • An extremely easy and completely standalone installation that takes about a minute. The device can be powered up with microUSB power supply (included).
  • The device connects to Caelum, Daikin’s monitoring platform, at This enables you to easily monitor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) levels and create regular reports.
  • Configuration app is available as Daikin AirSense on both the App Store and Play Store.
  • microUSB power supply or battery power (2 years battery life)
  • Integration with Daikin remote monitoring and smart maintenance platform Daikin on Site
  • Easy and quick installation – just 1 minute
  • The Daikin IEQ sensor can help to get green building projects certified with LEED certification thanks to Indoor Environmental Quality credits

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