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Daikin has announced the release of a new range of water to water heat pumps: EW*T-Q-X-A1 range with Daikin design scroll compressors. Available from April 2024, the new EW*T-Q-X-A1 features a new modular approach to system design, which introduce...
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Daikin has enhanced its product and services offer for data centre cooling in response to soaring demand from the sector and to keep pace with rapid predicted growth. The consultancy McKinsey & Company forecast that the global data centre mark...
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Daikin Applied Europe S.p.A, headquartered in Rome, Italy, part of the global Daikin Group, announces that it has acquired UK company Brooktherm Refrigeration Ltd (“Brooktherm”). Brooktherm will then be managed by Daikin Applied (UK) Ltd and will ...
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Daikin Applied UK (formerly McQuay UK Ltd)

Daikin Applied UK is the market leader in energy efficient Air Handling Units (AHU) and Chillers, and specialises in large scale bespoke projects from data centres and hospitals to pharmaceutical facilities and process cooling.

We offer world leading end-to-end solutions for facilities managers and engineering professionals within the HVAC community with an after sales service of full life cycle care through Daikin Applied Service.

We specialise in large scale and bespoke projects...

 …from data centres and hospitals to pharmaceutical facilities and process cooling.

We offer world leading end-to-end solutions with an after sales service of full life cycle care, including refurbishments, spare parts and tailored service and maintenance programmes on any brand of HVAC equipment.


Chillers and heat pumps

Our chillers and heat pumps are manufactured in our chiller factory in Rome.

From 8 kW to 11000 kW of cooling capacity, Daikin chillers offer top class efficiency and low-GWP configurations.


AHU's, made in Britain

Daikin Applied UK have over 50 years of AHU manufacturing experience.

Our bespoke high-quality air handling units can be made to any specification. Our Professional and Modular ranges are all made in our UK factory in Cramlington, Northumberland.

Download our latest AHU brochure here

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AHU Refurbishment

Are you searching for better energy efficiency and IAQ, without the cost and disruption of replacing your entire AHU?

Daikin Applied UK offer AHU upgrades and refurbishments, replacing key components, upgrading to new technologies and recommissioning.

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Daikin Rental Services

Keeping you up and running!

Daikin Applied Service can offer you rental chillers, heat pumps, air ventilation, heat and power, to meet your temporary HVAC needs while reducing CAPEX and optimizing your OPEX.

Daikin Applied Service is your single point of contact for all rental services: units, transport, installation and start-up.

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Service and Maintenance

We want to accompany our customers from design to installation and offer service and maintenance solutions for the entire life-cycle of your products. Not only Daikin products, but any HVAC installation.

We are here to ensure your system maintains its high performance throughout its lifetime.

Service and Maintenance solutions

View all Daikin Applied Case Studies from across Europe and the UK, ranging from hospitals to data-centres to Offices and Pharmaceutical laboratories.

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Latest Product Releases

TZ-D - The new generation of Daikin Air-cooled screw inverter chillers equipped with R-1234ze. R-513A and R134a refrigerants and optional Free Cooling
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IEQ SENSOR... measuring not just Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) but also noise levels, environmental comfort and electromagnetic pollution - all factors that contribute to your health and well-being.

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R-32 SMALL INVERTER CHILLER... Absolute sustainability and efficiency leader with the full inverter technology, delivering high seasonal efficiency, the lowest-ever running costs and very low CO2 emissions.

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MODULAR T AIR HANDLING UNIT... Premium efficiency Heat Recovery Unit with all connections on the top for a low footprint and an excellent Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) level.

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