Be Smart. Replace components, not systems!

If your equipment is more than 10 years old, it probably isn’t running as efficiently as it could.

This impacts indoor air quality, outdoor pollution, running costs, energy efficiency and equipment life-cycle.

Prolong the lifecycle of your AHU with Daikin Applied turn-key solutions for

ALL BRANDS of HVAC equipment.

AHU Components

Our engineers at Daikin Applied UK can refurbish ANY BRAND of air handling unit with the following components:

  • Controls
  • Attenuation
  • External panels and doors
  • Filters
  • Fans
  • Heating and cooling coils
  • Heat recovery wheel

Turn Key Solutions

Here at Daikin Applied, we can take away the headaches and stress of organising all of your HVAC needs.  We can project manage the entire HVAC operation for you, whether it involve AHUs, chillers, service, new products, parts, controls or pipe fitters.

What can Daikin Applied offer you?

Our devoted and highly qualified engineers, consultants and analysts are here to help you carry out your plans with confidence, designing customised systems that meet your needs for comfort, performance levels, support and service.

  • Full or partial refurbishment
  • Advice on equipment selection
  • Replacement of complete AHU sections
  • Turn-key solutions – full project management
  • OEM parts
  • All brands of HVAC equipment
  • Historical drawings of original instalments (if bought through Daikin Applied)
  • Active remote monitoring with Daikin on Site

How is a refurbishment carried out at Daikin Applied?

  1. Comprehensive site survey
  2. Schedule of works
  3. Itemised replacement components
  4. Components delivered to site – flat packed or assembled
  5. Unit can be re-started if refurbishment is on a staged basis
  6. Unit re-commissioned and technical specification issued upon completion
  7. Proper and safe disposal of all redundant components

Exact Specifications

All works can be carried out to meet any necessary specification for your building or usage, for example:

  • Surgical
  • Hospital ward
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Data Centres

Why refurbish your AHU?

There are various reasons to refurbish your AHU:

  • Refurbishment is ideal where access to the existing AHU is restricted and a new unit is not possible to install
  • Deterioration of components and outdated technology is causing poor efficiency and performance
  • Space restrictions
  • Accessibility restrictions
  • Financial restrictions

The benefits of a refurbished AHU

There are many reasons to choose to refurbish your AHU:

  • Cost savings – capital costs, running costs and component costs
  • Better technology with improved performances
  • Reduced downtime and disruption
  • Environmental reasons – pollution levels and indoor air quality

Better technology and improved performances

With a refurbished AHU, you can expect to see the following improvements from your system:

  • Better degree of thermal conductivity
  • Higher filtration levels
  • Potential increase in Fan Duty
  • Potential increase in external resistance
  • Adjustable cooling load requirements
  • Leaving air temperature / velocity
  • Method of control (Inverters)

Why upgrade to an EC fan?

AC fans are fraught with issues. Pulleys that are not aligned on motors and fans will cause abnormal wear  and nuisance breakdowns.

An EC fan contains fewer components, which means less cost and smaller space requirements. An EC fan also provides a reduction in noise and far better efficiencies.

Why choose Daikin Applied?

Daikin Applied is Europe’s leading manufacturer of highly energy-efficient HVAC and refrigeration solutions for commercial and industrial applications. Daikin is a leader in technologies that help preserve the environment, to conserve energy and deliver high reliability every time.

  • Turnkey solutions and full project management with one point of contact
  • OEM factory support
  • OEM parts
  • Maintenance and service options
  • Market leading Daikin technology

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