Chiller Repairs

Chiller Repairs

Your number one chiller maintenance and repair partner

With over 50 years of HVAC experience, Daikin Applied Service is your number one chiller maintenance and repair partner.

Daikin Applied Service provides a reliable and responsive chiller repair service. Above all, we understand how critical it is to get your chiller plant up and running to avoid business disruptions.

In addition, we carry an extensive range of commonly used spare parts, to get your chiller up and running as quickly as possible.

Most importantly, our planned and preventative chiller maintenance programmes reduce the number of unexpected chiller breakdowns.

We can also get your chillers Daikin on Site (DOS) enabled allowing us to remotely monitor your chiller plant. This not only helps us detect possible chiller breakdowns but moreover, it also allows us to programme your chillers to run more efficiently. In other words, it saves energy and saves you money.

For more information on chiller maintenance and repair or to learn more about our services, contact any or our regional offices on: 0345 565 2700


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