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Rigorous green building standards

In partnership with customers, Daikin works to develop future-proof building systems solutions that help decarbonise buildings .  Advanced technology, together with a deep understanding of how buildings work made Daikin the natural partner in the design of an HVAC system for a new office complex developed to  meet rigorous green building standards.

The new HVAC system serves an area of 64,000 m2, comprising six floors plus a basement level within the L1 building, part of the DOT  complex in Krakow.

A total solution, the system includes VRV heat pumps, multiple scroll chillers and Air Handling Units (AHUs), which are centrally managed through Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Manager mini building management system (BMS).


All round comfort

The VRV system delivers simultaneous cooling and heating which provides the flexibility to create different climate zones to meet the temperature needs of individual tenants. Thanks to heat recovery technology, energy savings are achieved by recovering excess heat and redistributing to where it is needed elsewhere in the building, ideal for designs where the orientation creates cooler areas throughout the day.


Consistent fresh air supply

Fresh air is assured by Daikin AHUs, connected to 3 multiple scroll chillers to heat up or cool down the 36,000m² of fresh air supplied hourly to the building. Equipped with CO2 sensors, the ventilation system ensures clean air for building users, while preventing overventilation and the associated energy losses.


Centrally Controlled

Daikin’s Intelligent Touch Manager mini BMS system enables smart control via an easy to use and intuitive full colour touchscreen. The mini BMS offers direct access to enable building management staff to track and optimise energy consumption of the total system centrally, while ensuring individual comfort across the range of zones.

* BREEAM is a registered trademark of BRE (the Building Research Establishment Ltd. Community Trade Mark E5778551).


Expert Support

The project team sought BREEAM accreditation for the building to demonstrate measures taken to minimise environmental impact and create a healthy and comfortable office environment. Working alongside the developers of the L1 building, Daikin’s Accredited Professionals (AP’s) collaborated with the project team to maximise the building’s BREEAM rating. Daikin’s expertise with air, combined with its reputation for innovation and advanced technology, was successfully applied to assist in securing the best outcome, as reflected by the BREEAM ‘Excellent’ score.

Daikin heat pumps can contribute in 6 out of 10 BREEAM categories, adding up to 30 credits. Furthermore, our in-depth assessment sheet provides a base of evidence when applying for BREEAM credits, saving time for the project management team.


“We work with customers by exploring sustainable solutions to improve building performance and optimise energy usage”.


Pro-active aftercare

Daikin’s support extends beyond planning and implementation to pro-active aftercare, aimed at extending system lifetime and optimising performance.  Continuous monitoring of system efficiency through Daikin’s cloud solutions detects issues before they occur and helps control energy usage, while maintaining indoor air quality.

BREEAM certification offers many advantages. Increasing the environmental value of buildings helps attract tenants, as well keeping operational and maintenance costs down. The cost of renovation is also minimised, thanks to built-in system flexibility and future-proofing in relation to legislative compliance.


The circular economy of refrigerants

Over and above the current BREEAM assessment, Daikin offers chiller and VRV systems with reclaimed refrigerant. This avoids the yearly production of more than 400,000 kg of virgin gas.