The best performance for the biggest malls

13 units, including EWAD-T and EWAT-B ranges

Total cooling capacity: over 5 MW

The City Mall Project is one of the many examples of how Daikin Applied supports businesses needing HVAC equipment for commercial applications like malls.

City Mall is the biggest mall built, not just in Tbilisi, but in Georgia. For this project Daikin will provide 13 chiller units, and will provide other 8 units later on, when other shops will be opened. The ranges chosen for this project are the EWAD-T, with the Inverter driven single screw compressor, entirely manufactured by Daikin, and the EWAT-B – a range standing out for the low GWP (675) and the outstanding performance in terms of energy efficiency, other than being the first in the market to feature R-32 refrigerant with multi scroll technology. With the combination of these two ranges, Daikin will provide a total cooling capacity of 5MW, meeting clients expectations and needs both in terms of efficiency and compliance with regulations.

We had the chance to catch up with Tsisana Dolidze, International Procurement Manager from Domson’s Engineering, who has been working on the City Mall Project. Here is what she has told us about the project and how Daikin is providing value for business owners:

“The City Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Tbilisi and in Georgia. It is a 50,000 Mq mall accommodating over 150 shops and business centers. The project has been supported by the EBRD (European Bank for Reconstruction and Development) through the credit line for energy efficiency, so the key driver for it was energy efficiency. The client needed Eurovent class A+ certified units, and also wanted the best manufacturing quality the market could offer. In this sense, there was no choice other than Daikin”.